Friday, August 12, 2005

Fitness: Getting Started

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is someone trying
to sell you some product or program to help you get in a
great fitness level. There is so much hype that it seems
hard to muddle through all the junk and find something that
can actually be helpful to you. There is also a ton of diet
products that claim to help you loose weight and build
muscle and many of these products either do not work at all,
or can even be dangerous.

The problem is how do you distinguish between a genuine
product and one that is just trying to make a quick buck off
of you? How do you know when you are doing what is best for
you and your body and what is healthy? These are really
common questions. Almost everyone worries about their
fitness level at some time. You may decide you need or want
to be in better shape. Or you might have been told by your
doctor because of a separate health condition.

If you want to get some result from fitness you have to pay
attention on some advices. Fitness requires some effort. You
can not obtain great result only using special products. You
have to work your body in time and to have a good will.
Avoid all those magic products or miracle cures that in fact
do nothing or sometimes even affect your health. Your goal
must focus on making yourself healthier and on felling good
in your body.

You also need to choose your fitness plan according to your
body type and what your goals are. Are you trying to loose
weight? Are you trying to gain weight or build muscle? Do
you want to bulk up or do you want slim and trim muscles?
All of these factors will affect the type of fitness and
exercise plan that you choose. Most people find that they
benefit from a fitness trainer and/or nutritionist that can
give them a total body plan for better fitness.

For the beginners it is hard to find from the articles the
right way in getting a good fitness plan. This happens
because not every body reacts in the same way to the
identical type of exercise. But there are some general rules
that you should follow. First of them is to drink a lot of
water because that has a great effect on helping your body.
Another important thing is to rest as much as possible if we
want to be relaxed and clearly minded.

Just like any other diet or fitness plan, you should always
talk to your doctor about it first before making any major
changes in your life. If you plan it properly, you can have
the fitness level you have always wanted.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Family Fitness Essentials

It's hard enough these days to make time for personal
fitness, but how can you ever find enough time for a
family to exercise together? Everyone's schedules are so
diverse that it becomes increasingly difficult as the
children grow older to find a time that is convenient for
all to meet and share fitness time. But it can be done,
and here are a few tips on how to do it.

1. Identify the time required for other essential
activities. Use a calendar to keep track of all
priorities like school, office, and other fixed and firm
activities. These cannot be changed except for holidays
or if something unexpected comes up. Check out the times
left--like a free evening during the week or a
morning. Ask each family member if any of those times suit

2. Come up with fitness activities that the whole
family enjoys. Some possibilities are hiking, jogging,
swimming, volleyball or any other activity that lends
itself to activity and interaction. Not only do you stay
fit, you also bond as a family by sharing the experience.
Make a list of several options. Ask everyone to vote on
them, so activities are selected which most members in the
family enjoy doing. Make sure that everyone gets to do
an activity they like by alternating the time spent on
various fitness activities over time.

3. Family members will likely have varied needs or limits
that need to be considered when planning an activity.
Make accomodations for differences in age, size, strength,
endurance, and skill. Try to create a win-win where those
who can do more are allowed to while those who need to
do less rest or move to an alternate activity. Plan each
fitness activity in a way that is challenging and fun for
all, but not overwhelming for anyone.

4. Do not obsess about the family fitness schedule. If
someone in the family cannot make it for a particular
session, let the others can continue with the activity
anyway. Don't emphasize competition because those who
don't win may not like it. Fitness activities should be
fun for the whole family and not a burden for anyone.
Keep a flexible schedule for family fitness time.

Family fitness schedules are a great way for staying
fit, spending time together, and having fun with the
family. If you are not already enjoying family fitness
time together, then perhaps it is time to start. Adults
can slow the aging process, children can learn lifelong
habits and attitudes to enrich their well-being, and
many happy memories and bonds can be created in the

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