Saturday, September 10, 2005

Health and Staying Fit

As you continue to age, your fitness and
levels turn out to be considerably more
important for your life in general. One of the most
effective ways to keep your health when you get
older is having an ordinary list of exercise and
physical activities. Sometimes, older people tend to
lose their health and capacity to do things by
themselves just because they are not active enough.
If you are an older adult and you want to be healthy,
you should focus on particular areas of your health
such as flexibility, endurance, balance and strength.

If you want to stay healthy, there are some activities
you can do to build up these four areas. These activities
are the following:

A habitual list of endurance activities can even help
you prevent or postpone the beginning of certain diseases.
These activities can help you improve the general health
of your heart, lungs and circulatory system. If you have
a regular schedule of endurance activities, you can
increase your heart rate and your breathing rate over
extended periods of time.

If you do not have strength, your general health may
deteriorate quickly. When you reach a certain age,
strength exercises are helpful for keeping strong and able
to do activities on your own.

Balance exercises help older adults keep the all
important ability to keep balance. When you keep this skill
in later years, it will help you avoid falls and
accidents, which are common causes for disabilities in
older adults. These disabilities will also diminish a
persons overall health.

At older ages, is pretty easy to lose range of motion.
That is why stretching can help you keep the body limber
and flexible and limber.

As the proverb says, your definitely must use it or
lose it. If you want to be healthy, you need to use your
body on a regular basis.

There are also several ways to change your eating habits
to keep your health and allow your body to
maintain its active status. Cutting down on fatty foods
has been shown to prevent and delay cardiovascular
disease, one of which is high blood pressure. Increasing
fruits and vegetables in your diet may reduce you risk of
getting some types of cancer. The USDA has a guide for how
much to eat of what types of food, called the food
pyramid. The closer you follow that guide, the greater
health benefits your body can achieve.

So, if you have past the age of 50, always remember that
to eat right and to exercise daily is very important for
your health. The sooner you start acquiring these habits,
the better, but if you haven't started early you can do it
right now no matter the age!

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