Friday, September 30, 2005

Basic things about cosmetic surgery

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In the majority of the cases, people would wish some part
of their body looked different. Nowadays, with cosmetic
surgery this can be done! A surgeon can shorten your
abnormally long nose, or reduce or improve the size of
your bust, or take away the fatty deposits in your hips,
thighs and tummy. The bad thing here is that by having a
cosmetic surgery, you are removing, reshaping or
changing a healthy, strong and normal part of your body.
And the sad thing is that it is only for aesthetic
reasons. You should not confuse cosmetic surgery with
reconstructive surgery; it is not at all the same thing.
You should take conscience that the only thing cosmetic
surgery does it to improve your external appearance...
you should not have the parts of your body just for that

During the last years, advances had been achieved in
many fields, medicine being one of them, and within
medicine, cosmetic surgery. An important achievement
is cosmetic surgery is that patients do not need to be
hospitalized for the majority of the medical procedures.
This also means that the patient will not need much time
off work for recovery, and that the surgery will be more
quickly and less painful.

But do not think that cosmetic surgery is different from
any other surgery. Every surgery has its risks. Obviously,
what the medical advances have done is to decrease the
risk to those undergoing a procedure, but no one
guarantees you anything. Anyhow, if you choose to have
a cosmetic surgery done, you should not be entered into
lightly. You should first try with the smallest and less
risky procedure that will give you the best results and

It is a question of having a low self-esteem. Once you
have the cosmetic surgery done it is as if you regain the
esteem lost. This is at least what most cosmetic surgeons
tell. Deformities in a person's body can cause depression
and, as already said, low esteem. That is why when you
undergo a cosmetic surgery and solve the deformities
you do not like, you start feeling better, more confident,
more satisfied, and with a higher self-esteem.

There are different types of cosmetic surgery, but as with
any other thing there are some procedures more common
than others. The most common five ones are the
1~nose reshaping (or a nose job)
3~eyelid surgery
4~breast enlargement

There is only one thing that worries most of the people
undergoing a cosmetic surgery apart from the risks, and
it is if it will look natural once it is done. The only
way to prove it is if the others do not detect you have
had a cosmetic surgery. The only persons who should notice
a change on you should be the ones that are always
around you, such as your family or your work colleagues.
If the cosmetic surgery looks natural and is consistent
with the rest of your body you should feel happy because
that was exactly what you wanted.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Chinese Art of Acupuncture

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Acupuncture, the medicinal art of ancient China, is now
considered an alternative medicine. However, there is scope
for a great deal of research to scientifically prove some of
the positive effects acupuncture has on the patients. People
who get cured by acupuncture treatments often swear by the
benefits of receiving sessions. They are absolutely sure
that it works.

Acupuncture involves positioning long, thin needles on
various points on the body. There are different techniques
to the insertion of the needles, including care for the
angles at which they are inserted, different types of
needles (there are nine, but most practitioners only use
six types of the needles), and various ways to twirl or
vibrate the needles.The needles are placed on the body
depending upon the ailment of the patient. Acupuncturists
believe that the body has different energy channels that
help in the efficient and proper functioning of the body.
Precise placement of the needles draws energy to the needed
areas and makes way for positive energy flow. This is what
adherents profess gives the health benefits.

Those who practice and those who receive acupuncture point
to a variety of positive health benefits associated with
the expert placement of the needles. When placed in the
proper places, acupuncture needles are said to help cure
nearly any ailment from chronic pain to diabetes to
cellulite. Cancer patients report that acupuncture helps
them deal with their disease by helping them achieve calm
and by helping them feel more energetic after cancer
treatments. Additionally, relief of the pain associated
with the progression of the cancer is felt. Similar results
are said to be felt by HIV/AIDS patients.

Acupuncture helps to maintain good health. It reduces
anxiety and stress and raises your energy level. People who
use this treatment claim that they feel calmer and happier.
They also feel less worried and anxious. Acupuncture helps
achieve mental alertness and emotional stability. It is a
great preventive against diseases of all kinds because
regular treatments keep the body in proper working order.
Since the underlying principle of acupuncture is to remove
any hurdles in the flow of positive energy in the body, it
is easy to understand how it works as a preventive.

You can maintain your health and sense of well being by
choosing acupuncture. There is researched evidence of the
positive effects of acupuncture on the health of patients.
However, most physicians and scientists recommend the use of
more traditional methods of medicine for treating

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