Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Understanding Cancer

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There are many different types of cancer and many people are
diagnosed with it each year. But what exactly is cancer and
what resources are there out there to help? Cancer is when
cells in the body start to grow out of control. There are
many different types of cancer but they all begin with these
abnormal cells.

For cancer, anyone can be a target. It comes to young or old
people, it comes to women and men, and it appears in every
part of the body. It damages the structure of the DNA and
the development of the affected cells, which grow out of
control and increase their number rapidly.

Cancer usually takes the form of a growth called a tumor.
But all tumors are not cancerous. Many are benign (non
cancerous). These tumors do no spread to other parts of the
body and they are not life-threatening except in very rare

Every type of cancer affects your body in a different way.
For example bone cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer react
differently to treatments and grow at very different rates.

Curing Cancer

Even though billions of dollars are spent yearly in cancer
treatment research, there is as yet no cure for cancer.
Every year new treatments appear but the healing rate is
still low. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with
cancer, you should talk to a specialist about treatments
available for your disease. He or she will help you to
choose the best treatment.

Your treatment will vary according to what type of cancer
you have and how far along it has progressed. You might also
want to know the side effects of the treatment. Some of
your treatment options are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and
immunotherapy. There are pros and cons of every treatment
and other health conditions may also affect it.

The doctor is obliged to inform you upon all the aspects of
your treatment. Pay close attention to information about
side effects. Radiation or chemotherapy can cause major
discomfort and surgery, when possible, is not a guaranteed

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, work closely with
your doctor to decide which type of treatment is best for

Anna-Mae Bruit owns and operates Cancer Inc., a cancer resource site.
For more information, hop on over to:http://www.ridcancer.com

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