Friday, September 16, 2005

Exercise Tips

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To stay healthy of course! They~ve been drumming it into
us for decades now, in case you hadn~t realized. For those
of you that have, you either take time out to exercise at
home or pop down to your local gym. This has become an
increasing trend due to the huge advantages that exercise
can have to each and every one of us.

1. Expectant mothers can partake in light exercise as
gentle as a 20 minute stroll and this have a massive
impact on her well being. Anxiety levels can be lowered,
insulin usage can be improved, weight can be controlled,
litheness and vigor increased and the birth can be made
much easier. They can recover far earlier after the baby~s
arrival too.

Before you start any form of exercise chat to your doctor
to make sure you will not be putting yourself at risk. If
the doctor says go for it, start slowly and gently at
first and only when your body gets used to it should you
up the pace. Follow exercise instructions too as you could
end up hurting yourself if you do it wrong.

When you exercise always make sure you carry some natural
foods that contain sugar with you such as fruit or dried
fruit and protein foods. This is because exercise can
decrease the amount of sugar in your blood and if you feel
starving and don~t resolve it quickly this could lead to
what~s known as hypoglycemia.

One of the most important aspects of exercise is to pay
attention to your body. For an example, if you are
exercising and you notice your stomach becoming overly
hard, chances are you are working the muscles too hard.
Therefore, to avoid strain, simply stop to allow the
muscles to rest. Then when the abdomen becomes softer,
begin exercising again but without the same level of
intensity as before.

Other key things to know when exercising are that if you
begin to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or experience pain other
than workout pain, stop. A common injury seen with
exercise has to do with the back, especially if lifting
weights or twisting and turning. To avoid this, make sure
your movements are fluid and not choppy. If you are
involved with aerobics or a type of exercise that does
require twisting and turning, be very carefully.

6. Don~t exercise when it~s boiling hot. If you~re looking
to get dehydrated then go ahead but this should be avoided
at all costs. Always imbibe plenty of liquid such as
Gatorade sports drinks or good old water. Not just when
you have finished but preceding and throughout the
duration of your exercise too. Finally just remember that
if you~re looking to lose some flab and change your body~s
shape you don~t have to pummel it with overexertion in
hard exercise. Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming
and walking can have just as good results and are not as
hard on your joints.

William Himble is the owner of Exercise Nuts which is a
superior Internet resource for exercise information.
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