Monday, December 26, 2005

The Wisdom of Ancient Health Practices

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The modern Western world focuses on primarily physical
health, to the exclusion of emotional, mental and spiritual
health. But people are slowly realizing that all these
dimensions are interrelated. That is the reason why many
people today, even in the West are turning to practices from
the ancient Eastern cultures to help them achieve better
health. Tai chi, yoga, ayurveda, acupuncture and many other
ancient practices focus on not just physical health but also
the spiritual, mental, and emotional health of a person. The
East has long based its healing practices on the
understanding that we are much more than just our physical
bodies, and that our spirit, mind and emotions play an
important role in our health and well being. People in the
West are slowly recognizing the veracity of such a view and
these days, many are turning to ancient practices from the
East to help them feel better.

Health practices like ayurvedic medicine, yoga, tai chi and
acupuncture, that are popular today, originated in the
Eastern cultures thousands of years ago. People in the East
would use them to stay physically fit and also emotionally
and mentally stable and spiritually centered. All these
practices believe that a person is much more than a physical
being and the whole being needs to be healed. Today, we term
such practices as holistic, because they believe in
treating the whole person, and not merely his or her
physical self.

Yoga and acupuncture are perhaps the most widely known and
practiced health systems. Yoga helps a person to attain
enlightenment by creating harmony in the mental, spiritual,
and physical selves. It creates bodies without disease,
minds without blocks, and spirits willing to seek and
discover the divine. When all work in harmony the outcome is
equal to an orchestra. Ailments disappear, the mind becomes
alert and active, and the spirit is content. Acupuncture
helps to keep the body's energies properly focused and
channeled. It encourages the free movement of positive
energy throughout the body with the use of precisely placed

Ayurveda and Tai chi are also widely used but perhaps lesser
known than other ancient health practices. Tai chi is
similar to yoga in its endeavour to direct energy through
the body, give strength and harmonize the different aspects
of the being. The system behind Tai chi is an ancient
martial art and it combines movements of a modern exercise
program. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicinal art, which
comprises various treatments and practices that seek to
promote holistic health.

We can enjoy more balanced, fulfilled and healthier lives
today by using the ancient wisdom contained in some of these
health practices.

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