Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are You Taking Diet Pills?... Be Careful

If you are a person who has struggled with their weight
and has a BMI, or body mass index, above a 27, the idea of
a pill helping you lose weight is very appealing. Taking
diet pills seem to be the quick fix to helping obese
persons lose weight. There are advantages to taking diet
pills, but you have to weigh these benefits with the
potential dangers of taking diet pills.

Some things you have to be careful about when taking diet
pills are:

~~There may be dangerous side effects and drug
interactions - There are times in which prescription diet
drugs are extremely strong. It is almost certain that there
will be side effects in the prescription medications, as
will occur. The problem is that some may be very serious in

Apart from the more serious side effects of taking diet
pills, we have the common ones that are: sleeplessness, dry
mouth, upset stomach, constipation, and irritability.
Another thing you have to be aware of is if you are taking
other kinds of medication, because there are certain drugs
that cannot interact with diet pills. Serious consequences
may arise from combining the diet pills with other

Another important tip is to avoid being needy of the diet
pills. Whenever you take this kind of drug, there is the
risk of becoming dependant on them. The reason for this is
that some diet pills contain stimulants which cause the
person to abuse them and, eventually, become addicted to
them. Ask your doctor for his advice if you are going to
take diet pills, he will give you all the recommendations
on the signals you should look for to detect problems.

~~It is possible for the diet pills to disrupt your
regular metabolism - Persons taking diet pills may find
that they are consuming a very small amount of calories,
and it happens, in fact, because the main purpose of
prescription diet drugs is to suppress appetite.

Of course this will help you to lose weight, but the
result may be that your natural metabolism slows down. When
this happens, the rate in which you lose weight also slows
down. This is the reason why the ones who take diet drugs
find that they lose a limited amount of weight when they
only take diet pills.

In order for diet pills to work for you, the first thing
you should do is talk to your doctor. Find ways to change
your lifestyle on top of the taking of the diet drugs to
help you lose weight. Regular exercise, changing food
choices, and regular check-ups with your doctor are great
ways to increase your weight loss success.

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