Friday, July 01, 2005

Training - Why Bother?

What's the point of training? For anything? Whether it's
running a marathon, learning a new life skill, or furthering
your knowledge at work - is there a point to training?

Let's examine both sides of this issue. While training of
any kind certainly does take some time - is it really a
waste of time? Whether it's a physical training program, or
a class on how to manage your money, or learning a new
software system at work, training will certainly take time
out of your day that you could have spent doing something
else. But are you getting value for the time invested in
that training?

Say you've decided to enter a marathon. You're by nature a
competitive person, so you've decided you want to win the
marathon. What are your chances of winning if, in the
months prior to the race, you don't engage in a strenuous
and consistent training program designed to build up
strength and stamina? Slim to none, I would say. Or perhaps
your employer has decided to convert the existing software
system at work to an entirely new method. Without some
training in the function and operation of this new system,
you'll fall far behind your co-workers when it comes to
performing your tasks, thus losing value in the eyes of your
employer. Or maybe you've had trouble for years managing
your personal money and debt - without some training and
instruction on better ways to manage your assets you could
be stuck in the same downward spiral you've always been in.

A good training program offers far more benefits than just
increasing information or generating awareness of new
methodologies. Training can identify areas of weakness that
need improvement, offer opportunities for networking and
exchange of new thoughts and concepts, as well as expanding
horizons and developing ideas that were previously
unconsidered. Training opens doors.

But training isn't just about monetary rewards - it's
about building better communication skills, and learning how
to share life experiences with others you train with. A
colleague who undertakes the same training might become a
cherished friend. A training partner may just give you that
clever idea you've been searching for to turn your
business, or your life, around and find the direction or
focus you've needed.

A good training program can expand your mind, heal your
physical complaints or re-direct your life's options. Yet
there are those who persist in refusing to see the value in
training - seeming to fear the process or feel that training
is a waste of time. Nothing could be farther from the

Training benefits not only individuals, but companies as
well, by adding valuable skills to employees while at the
same time strengthening the capability and talents of the

Training should be a lifelong goal in everyone~s life - to
stop learning is to stop growing, and the person who stops
growing will soon be left far behind as the rest of the
world progresses. Those who cannot adapt to changing
conditions will soon stagnate and die.


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