Friday, August 26, 2005

Finding Time to Exercise

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Physical exercise has fast become a predominant health
concern throughout the world. Our improving standard of
living makes daily movement less of a necessity when going
about the business of our lives. Reduced activity, in
turn, is linked to rises in obesity, diabetes, heart
disease, and cancer among nations of the civilized world.

That same technology seems to make us slaves to our
responsibilities, and we wonder how we're ever going
to accomplish our day-to-day tasks and still have time
and energy for exercise. Fear not, for fitting exercise
into a busy daily schedule isn't rocket science, and if
you read on you'll see just how easy it can be.

1. If you want exercise to have a positive effect rather
than a negative one, you have to get up and move on a
regular basis. Experts recommend thirty minutes three
times a week as a minimum. When you start looking for
those thirty minutes, look at the times of day that
work best for your current lifestyle so that it isn't
an imposition and that it will be easy to stay consistent.

2. What, you don't get an hour for lunch to walk?
Try this: Grab a bottle of water, put on your walking
shoes, and take ten minutes to pace the hallways or go
outside for some sun and air instead of heading to the
break room. Do that morning and afternoon, then take ten
more when you get home from the afternoon drive. Experts
have determined that you don't have to do all of your
daily exercise in the same session, the important thing
is to spend time moving when you can.

3. Vary your mode of exercise. Alternate long walks with
bicycle rides or swimming. Jog one day and lift weights
the next. If you have the interest and the skill, put
your weekday exercise to the test as a "weekend Warrior,"
in any number of athletic pursuits. When you do different
activities, you're less apt to lose interest and more apt
to stay with a regular exercise program longer to help you
get and stay fit.

Remember this: Make exercise easy-to-schedule and easy-to-
perform (for you) in order to make it a welcome part of
your day. Check with your primary health-care provider to
assure that you have no health risks that could be
triggered by beginning an exercise routine. Do these
things and you'll likely find exercise to be effortless
to schedule because of the anticipation that precedes
each session!

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