Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Getting Ready For Surgery

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Surgery of any kind is scary. If you think about going to
sleep, having a doctor make an incision, and then the
recovery portion, it is a very unnerving thought.
Regardless if having your tonsils out or open heart
surgery, feeling uncomfortable about the experience is
perfectly normal. To ensure you have a safe and smooth
surgery, you do have some options.

The most obvious is to make sure your surgeon is board
certified, reputable, and that you feel 100% comfortable
with him or her. Before you agree to any surgery, you
need do your homework first. That means checking out the
license of the surgeon, following up with other patients,
talking to the hospital professionals, and asking tons of
questions. After all, the body is yours and you have not
just the right but the responsibility to choose wisely.

Will you get nervous a few weeks before surgery? Pretty
much everyone does and if you don~t you~d have to be a
psychopath! It~s a natural reaction to the stresses and
strains of having surgery, but just don~t forget that your
family will be experiencing the same emotions too.

If you~re feeling stressed out chat to your surgeon as
many times as you feel necessary and don~t be afraid to
call them if you think of something else. If you don~t
like their attitude towards you, seek a consultation with
another surgeon. You need to feel comfortable that either
your doctor or one of his nursing team will phone you to
provide you with responses to any queries you have.

Also don~t let yourself get too heated about your kids or
your animals if you have any. You will be in the hands of
a professional whilst you undergo surgery, so don~t fret.
It is wise to have a relative or a buddy on standby to
help in any eventuality. Understanding that all of this is
in place normally helps people to chill out at the thought
of their impending surgery.

How prepared should I be? Planning ahead is they key to
maintaining a level head. Go shopping for things you will
need whilst in hospital two weeks before the day of
surgery. Also, don~t create more stress by packing the
night before. Pack a week before then you~ll have time to
make sure you~re taking everything you want and that you
won~t leave any items behind.

If you have children at home that will go to stay with
family or friend, you will need to talk honestly with
them. While you do not need to go into detail unless they
are older, let them know where you will be, who will be
caring for them in your absence, and when you will be
home, emphasizing that you will be home. Most children do
quite well and if they know, they can come see you at the
hospital that will eliminate some of their fear. Remember,
good planning, good communication, and a good doctor make
for a successful surgery.

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