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How To Choose The Right Fitness Club For Your Needs

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Joining a health and fitness club can be a fun way to make
sure that you get the exercise that you need to stay fit and
healthy. Making the most of your resolution to get fit means
finding the right club for you, though. A fitness club will
do you no good if you don't use it, so making sure that the
club you join is the one that you'll visit often is one of
the most important decisions that you'll make.

Attractive prices and promotions can be a tempting draw when
you're looking for a club to help you get fit and stay fit.
Price is only one factor in your choice, and it should be a
minor one. To help you decide which fitness club is the
right one for you, consider the following points.

Where is the club located? The club's location and its
convenience for you is a major factor in whether or not
you'll use it. Your best choice is one that's near either
your home or office - or better yet one that's on the way
between the two of them. The more convenient it is for you
to use, the more you'll use it.

Is the club clean? Once you've narrowed your choices to a
few, make some visits. Don't feel like you're 'wasting their
time' -membership in a fitness club can cost hundreds of
dollars. You have every right to make sure that your money
is being invested well. Cleanliness is important, especially
in common areas like showers and changing rooms. Equipment
should be wiped down regularly with a good antibacterial to
prevent the spread of any germs.

Is the atmosphere congenial? This can have as much to do
with the gym's clientele as it does with the staff. Ask for
a couple of guest passes and visit to make sure that you'll
feel comfortable there. If you feel out of place, chances
are you'll avoid showing up to exercise.

Are you looking for a fitness club for your whole family?
The requirements in a fitness club for just you are
considerably different than those you'll want if you're
looking for a family membership. Is there a wide variety of
age appropriate activities? Is the staff comfortable and
trained to work with children of your kids' ages? Will a
family membership save you money? What kind of restrictions
are there on use of equipment for your children?

Is child care available when you need it? Ask what hours
child care is available if it's offered at all. Make sure
that there will be child care coverage when you can work

Do they offer the activities that you want or need? The more
activities and options there are for recreation the more
likely it is that you'll get out there and use that
membership. Look especially for the healthiest options for
you. Having choices like low-impact aerobics or water
aerobics can make a big difference if you have arthritis or
joint problems, for instance.

Will you be able to use the things you want? Don't make a
choice based on one visit during your lunch hour if the only
time you'll be able to work out is after work. Stop in
during the hours that you'll usually use the equipment to
make sure that you'll be able to. If you have to wait an
hour to get on the treadmill, you may prefer a less crowded

What kind of deal can you get on membership? You can almost
always get some kind of special deal or discount on
membership. Find out if your health insurance or employer
have a special arrangement with a local gym, and check them
out first. Other options include 2-for-1 memberships, extra
months or lower rates for longer terms of membership and
introductory offers. If you shop around a bit, you can find
a fitness club you love at a price you can afford.

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