Thursday, October 27, 2005

Making Exercise Fun

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For many people, exercise is not a good time. It requires
sweating and work. While some people enjoy aerobics, others
abhor them, and cannot stand to exercise in that manner.
The problem is that exercise is an essential ingredient to
a healthy lifestyle. Activity helps keep you strong and
fit. It promotes general health and flexibility, provides a
natural relief from stress, and it burns calories and
keeps you strong and at a healthy weight. But what can be
done to make exercise more enjoyable? One of the best ways
to do so is to find activities that you enjoy, but that you
do not think of as exercise.

It is important to maintain good health, and according to
experts at least half an hour of exercise a day is necessary
to improve health and an hour a day is required to remain
fit and receive maximum benefits. But, first of all, you
must get rid of the derogatory connotations attached with

Exercise is anything that you do to be
more active than you normally would be. Walking the dog is
exercise. Doing housework or yard work is exercise. These
are common activities that many people enjoy, but do not
think of as exercise. If you clean the house twice a week
and tend to your garden twice a week, you have already got
four days of exercise in.

A great way to enjoy exercise is to play outdoors with your
kids or friends. Even if you play catch with your kids, it
gives you a reason to move around and has the added benefit
of teaching them to be active and inculcating good habits.
You could enjoy activities that you can do with friends and
still work up a sweat. Playing sports or going for bike
rides are examples of what you can do with other people.
Even a trip to the beach could help as long as you do not
just laze around in the sun.

There is no reason to dread exercise. All you really have
to do is find activities that get you moving. A dance class
counts, as does walking the supermarket a couple of extra
times when you go shopping. The activities do not have to
be even something you consider exercise. As long as you are
moving, and as long as you are staying active, you will
remain in good shape and enjoy better health.

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